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How much to Put into Tuition

Is Tuition Really a Financial Burden

Is Tuition Really a Financial Burden? Tuition classes give a better understanding to your child about what he/she learns in school and much more. One of the major benefit of tuition is the fact that the lessons can easily be customized to be suitable for each student. The weak areas of a student can be […]

Study Skills

How to Improve Study Skills

How to Improve Study Skills? Studying with effectiveness is assured to result in incredible grades. Despite this being a known fact, students are never really taught how they should study in order thrive at the subjects. Taking it as an example, one of the most essential parts of studying is note-taking, despite this there are […]

Why Education is Important in Life

The most basic way to describe education is a means through which an individual is able to acquire various skills in a diverse variety of fields that are essential to our life and our very existence. From classroom training to the course of our life, anything can serve as a medium of education. Education helps […]

Different Types of Education

The impact that education can have on an individual’s life is natural and lasts for a lifetime. It boosts the ability of the individual in accomplishing tasks and achieving and targeted goal. Education is the primary factor that plays a major role in helping you to distinguish between right and wrong. So, education is a […]

Before You Were A Tree – A Teacher’s Day Special

  With Teacher’s Day right around the corner, we celebrate the importance and the impact each and every one of our teacher (tutors included of course) has had on us. Many of us “rebels” out there start pondering this: Everything I have is self-made. Who and why should I thank any of my Teachers? No […]

Study Smart, not Hard – Tips on Effective Study Habits

With the ever growing competitiveness of Singapore’s education system, many parents feel that working hard is the solution to doing well and thus, emphasize the need to constantly study over and over again to ensure they achieve desired results. More often than not, this induces stress and would eventually cause an adverse effect instead, resulting […]

Need for tuition

Is There a Need for Tuition?

“Is there a need for tuition? This is a very common debate among people these days is on the topic of whether there is a need for tuition. While many have shown outstanding academic results without tuition, many other still argue that tuition is almost a necessity to do well academically. In this article, we […]


ConGRADulations! Tips on What To Do After Graduation

So you have finally graduated and finished the examinations that you have worked hard for for the past few years, be it Secondary School, Junior College, Diploma, or even University. While entering your next phase of life, there are many key decisions that you have to make – choosing your future school or job and […]