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ConGRADulations! Tips on What To Do After Graduation

So you have finally graduated and finished the examinations that you have worked hard for for the past few years, be it Secondary School, Junior College, Diploma, or even University. While entering your next phase of life, there are many key decisions that you have to make – choosing your future school or job and many more. However, while most graduates ponder over this question while taking a breather during the months of free time before starting their next phase of life, many do not realize that they are actually missing out great opportunities in life that are ever so beneficial for them.

While most graduates see the few months after ending their examinations as a time to go on a holiday, relax and unwind, few see it as an opportunity to get an edge over the rest. Yes, no doubt, you do deserve this break. Take a week or 2, or even 3 to go on a holiday. No one is stopping you. However, make great use of the remaining time to improve yourself. Here are some of our best recommendations on self-improvement/upgrade!

1. Take up an Internship

This one is for those out there who have months to spare. Internships are very good plus points to your portfolio. When you intern under a company, do not expect to be highly paid. They are simply giving you living allowances. However, what you do get in return is very very valuable experience. Many big companies out there value graduates who have internship experience because they already had “work life experience”. Not only that, internships allow you to form links with others and build your confidence. You never know when you would need to work with people you’ve met, or even the company you interned with.

Not sure what kind of internship is suitable for you? Fret not! Find out more about which internship suits you best here!

2. Take up a Job

Similar to taking up an internship, only however, expect yourself to be more well paid. Whether you decide to go full-time, part-time, or even a freelancer is totally up to you. Taking up a job, you may expect yourself to be involved in the more operational side of a company. Instead of being the one behind the function of the company, you are the one that functions the company. Taking up a job is highly recommended for graduates who are looking to strengthen their spending abilities.

Also, taking up a job allows a graduate to save up for the next phase in life, which is essential if you are going to further your studies. If you have not already realized, as you grow older, you are spending more. There comes a time where you wish you already had a pool of money you could act on comfortably without needing to stress over whether you need to starve an entire week just to go out on the weekends with your friends, or do some online shopping. The answer to this – take up a job while you are free. Save up for the future and plan ahead.

Here are the top-paid jobs for graduates that we have consolidated for you to consider:

  1. Tutor – $20-$60 per hour
  2. Housekeeper – $10-$50 per hour
  3. Banquet – Up to $15 per hour
  4. Bartender – Up to $20 per hour
  5. Driver – Up to $30 per hour
  6. Waiter/Waitress at a cafe – Up to $12 per hour
  7. Caregiver/babysitter/nanny – Up to $30 per hour

3. Start a Project

For the 3rd and final tip, we recommend you to start a project. It can be anything, let your imaginations run free and do not limit yourself to what you can do – but of course, be realistic as well. Sit down, alone or with a group of friends, discuss and brainstorm. Come out with ideas about what you can do to improve the world, the society, or even yourselves.

Projects can come in very handy as well in portfolios. Companies value individuals who have done such projects as it shows self-initiative and also represents who you are as a person – one who seeks to improve self and the people around you.



If you do have these few months, go ahead and commit yourselves in any of the above recommended. However, if you do not have the luxury of committing so much time, it does not mean that you cannot do anything. Many part-time jobs are readily available for you as well. Find an hour or two every week and earn some extra pocket money. Sign up and be a tutor with us, and earn up to $60 per hour as an undergraduate! Simply fill up this form and we will get in touch with you!

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