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For Tutee/Parents

  1. How do I request for a tutor?
    Requesting for a tutor is quick and simple. Simply fill up our form here, or contact us via call/SMS/Whatsapp at ________ or email us at support@achieverstuition.com and we will assist you from there.
  2. Do I pay any commission/agency fees?
    No, you are not liable for any commission/agency fees at all. Our agency fees are borne by the tutors only. Using our services are essentially free for you. However, you would have to facilitate us with the collection of agency fees as stated in our Terms of Use – 50% of the first 4 weeks of active tuition fees are to be paid directly to us first. Thereafter, you may make payment arrangements directly with the tutor.
  3. How do I know if the Tutor can be trusted with educating me/my child?
    Here at Achievers Tuition, we have a 3 step filter before our Tutors are recommended to you. Firstly, each and every one of our Tutors are handpicked based on their past experience of teaching and qualifications. Second, we take into consideration of your request – including preference of teacher, budget and any other requests. Lastly, together with your personalised request and our entire handpicked Tutor database, we match the most suitable Tutors for your Tutee. With such extensive steps taken, you can trust that our Tutors are the most suitable for the Tutee.
  4. Why does the agency collect commission first before commencement of tuition?
    Generally, we collect our agency fees first as a form of protection for our company and our tuition coordinators. This measure was introduced in order to prevent foul play in the event that the tutor tries to avoid paying us the commission. However, arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis if you wish to make payment after completion of the first lesson.
  5. What are the payment methods available?
    We accept PayNow and instant bank transfer via i-banking and ATM transfer as payment methods. An official invoice would be sent to your email afterwards. Simply discuss with our tuition coordinators and we would be glad to assist you with any questions.

    Please note that for all transactions, it is your responsibility to keep the receipts as proof of transaction.
  6. Can I change my tutor if I am not satisfied with my current one?
    Yes. If the provided tutor does not meet your needs, you may simply inform the tuition coordinator in contact with you regarding the cancellation or request a change. We will promptly make the necessary arrangements. Do note that you are still required to pay for all lessons already conducted.