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Terms and Conditions

ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES offers students and/or parents a source of quality and trustworthy tutors for home tuition services. All services provided by ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES or the tutor are subjected to the Terms and Conditions that are listed below. By visiting our website www.achieverstuition.com, you hereby acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions for use of our services as listed below.


FOR Tutees and Parents

1   Our Service

ACHIEVERS TUITION AGENCY provides Tutees and Parents with qualified tutors catered to the needs of the Tutee with the ultimate goal of securing his/her desired results for their exams. However, we believe that producing good results requires equal effort from both the Tutee and the Tutor. It is impossible for the Tutor to produce good results for the Tutee if he/she is not willing to learn. As such, ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES and the Tutor is in no way liable for the final academic results of the Tutee should it not turn out as desired. However, we guarantee that we would do our best to assign the best and most suitable Tutor for the Tutee. Please note that our given rates are not fixed, but instead a guideline in order to facilitate our coordinators to find suitable Tutors for the Tutee whereby both parties can agree on a rate.


2   Commission Policy

ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES provides our services free of charge for our Tutees/Parents. Tutees/Parents shall only need to pay for lessons that are conducted. The agency commission is charged on the tutor and deducted from their fees. ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES will collect 50% of Tutor fees for the first 4 weeks of active tuition. Hence, the Tutee/Parents shall facilitate the process for Achiever Tuition to claim the commission on the Tutor by paying Achiever Tuition the commission directly. To prevent foul play (i.e Tutor offering lower rates upon conducting lessons to avoid paying commission), the Tutee/Parent is to pay the agency commission before commencement of lessons. Thereafter, the Tutee/Parent will make arrangements for direct payment to the Tutor.

For short-term assignments (8 weeks and below), ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES collects 25% of the first 4 weeks of active tuition.


3   Payment

As mentioned above, payment of commission to ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES is to be made before the commencement of lessons. Payment can be made via the following methods: PayNow and bank transfer via i-banking or ATM. An invoice will be emailed to you upon confirmation and due date of payment will be as stated on the invoice. Any late payment after 2359 hours of the stated date would be subject to and administrative charge of $5, unless otherwise stated in cases of exceptions.


Non-payment of tuition fees may be subjected, but not limited to:

  1. Filing of CASE report;
  2. Police Report;
  3. Small Claims Tribunal;
  4. Administrative Fees;
  5. Private Legal Debt Collectors


4   Cancellation/Termination/Postponing of Lessons

ACHIEVERS TUITION AGENCY is dedicated to sourcing for the most qualified and suitable Tutor for the Tutee. As such, if the Tutee/Parent deem that the Tutor is not suitable for the Tutee, the Tutee/Parent may terminate the contract at any point in time after the completion of at least 1 lesson after the details of the tuition have been confirmed. In the case where more than 1 lesson has been completed, the Tutee/Parent is still liable to pay for the completed number of lessons before cancellation. Thereafter, there is no obligation in completing a fixed number of lessons. The remaining commission that has been paid in advance will be refunded accordingly.

If the Tutee/Parent decides to cancel the lesson after confirmation of the tuition details

  1. more than 24 hours prior to the first lesson, the Tutee/Parent is liable for an administrative charge of 50% of the first lesson to ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES.
  2. Within 24 hours prior to the first lesson, the Tutee/Parent is liable for an administrative charge of 100% of the first lesson to ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES and the tutor.

However, if the Tutee/Parent would still like to continue using Achiever Tuition’s services, we are more than happy to assist you in finding another suitable Tutor that would best suit the Tutee. Please drop us an email, message, or call our hotline and we would gladly assist you.


In the case where tuition details have already been confirmed and a postpone of lesson is required, a mutual agreement must be made between the Tutor and Tutee/Parents. ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES is in not responsible for arranging the lessons after confirmation. Commission rates still apply even if the lesson is postponed to the following (second) month.


5   Location

Lessons are conducted at the Tutee’s place by default. However, if Tutee/Parents request for lessons to be conducted elsewhere, (i.e study rooms, community clubs, cafes etc.) our coordinators can make arrangements at no additional cost. However, ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES is in no way responsible for any mishaps should there be any. (i.e no available space) Requests for the lesson to be held at Tutor’s place would be subject to approval of the Tutor. ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES shall not be liable for any accidents or mishaps before, during, or after the lesson.


FOR Tutors

1   Registration

Registration as a Tutor for ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES is FREE. However, the minimum requirements to be a Tutor are as follows:

  1. Minimum age of 18 years old.
  2. A minimum of ‘N’, ‘O’ Level Certificate or diploma qualification.
  3. A resident of Singapore. (Holding NRIC, Work Permit, and/or Student Pass)


By registering with us, you hereby agree that ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES will collect 50%  of the first 4 weeks of tuition fees as agency commission for every tuition assignment we coordinate for you. Thereafter, you will receive full tuition fees directly from the Tutee/Parents.


2   Mode of Communication

Assignments will be forwarded to Tutors via Call/WhatsApp/SMS. If the assignment is suitable for you and you wish to take up the assignment, you are required to contact us via Call/WhatsApp/SMS. Please note that as assignments may be broadcasted to several Tutors at once, assignments will be awarded based on a first come first serve basis for the most suitable tutors and we reserve the right to deny Tutors any assignments with or without any prior consent. In the case where you do not wish to pick up the assignment, simply reply us with “not available/interested.”

By registering with us as a Tutor, you consent to receiving available assignments through Call/WhatsApp/SMS. Due to the new DNC provisions, we have introduced measures to ensure smooth operations. If you no longer wish to receive such notifications from us, please indicate via replying to our SMS, call us, or email us at admin@achieverstuition.com.


3   Commitment

Although ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES does not impose a commitment period for Tutee/Parents as long as a minimum of 1 lesson is completed, Tutors are required to commit at least the first 4 weeks of tuition. Any cancellation or postpone of lesson is to be agreed with the Tutee/Parents and the knowledge of Achiever Tuition. Please note that commission will still be collected as first agreed with accordance to tuition confirmation.


If the tuition has been conducted for more than 4 weeks, then tutors are free, but not recommended to, terminate the tuition. Clients shall be required to pay for all lessons conducted and to pay the tutor directly (after paying the agency commission to the agency).

In the event that the Tutee/Parents were to cancel the tuition session within the first 4 weeks, 50% of the tuition fees for sessions that has been completed will be collected as the commission.


4   Foul Play

Any attempt to cheat the system (i.e privately lowering tuition fees and asking Tutee/Tutor to cancel lessons to avoid paying commission) is subjected, but not limited to the following actions taken by ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES:

  1. Filing of CASE report;
  2. Filing of Police Report;
  3. Filing for Small Claims Tribunal;
  4. Termination of assignments from ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES
  5. Blacklist on Tutor List


5   Conduct of Tutor

As a Tutor of ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES, you are expected to represent our brand in a professional and ethical manner. A general guideline, but not limited to, is as follows:

  1. Punctuality; do not be late. Impression matters to the Tutee/Parents. Inform the Tutee/Parent if you are going to be late in advance.
  2. A Medical Certificate is to be presented in any case of illness/injury. Please note that lessons are to be postponed. Any cancellation (within the first 4 weeks) is subject to a case by case basis. (i.e serious illness or injury) Thereafter, cancellations are subject to Tutee/Parent’s approval.
  3. ANY form of abuse is not tolerated. Any case of such can and would be handed over to the Police if deemed necessary.
  4. Inform us of any change to tuition hours or rates immediately should there be any.

As a Tutor, it reflects well if you show care and concern for your Tutee’s progress. This would also give the Tutee/Parents more confidence in your teaching. ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES makes constant effort to monitor every Tutor’s performance and gain feedback from respective Tutees/Parents. Tutors who have shown consistent good results and feedbacks will be given priority for upcoming assignments.


ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES shall not be responsible for any cost incurred for lessons. (i.e Buying of notes and assessment books) Such cost should be discussed and agreed upon by the Tutor and Tutee/Parent on who is to bare the cost of required materials.


ACHIEVERS TUITION SERVICES is not liable for any legal matters arising from receiving messages, and any other form of communication given to us upon registration, including but not limited to communication via mobile applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.



1   Copyright

All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (both registered or unregistered) in and on Achiever Tuition’s website belong to Achiever Tuition and/or any other third parties. ACHIEVERS TUITION AGENCY reserves all of its rights. Reuse of any materials without prior information or knowledge of ACHIEVERS TUITION AGENCY is strictly prohibited.


2   Legality and Liability

By visiting this site, you hereby agree that ACHIEVERS TUITION AGENCY is

  1. not responsible for any problems arising between the Tutors and Tutees/Parents.
  2. not liable for the accuracy of information at any point in time, as content can be subject to change at any point in time.
  3. not liable for any virus or any other harmful components contained in this website, email, our servers, or any third party links in this website. You are responsible for carrying out sufficient scans and checks on your own devices.