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The Dilemma – What Type of Tutor is Most Suitable for Your Child?

THE first step to getting a home tutor is choosing what type of tutor you would like to have – undergraduate, full-time tutor, or MOE certified teachers. This is a common dilemma that parents and tutees stress about. Which of these tutors best suit the tutee? In this article, we discuss about the pros and cons of each type of tutor to help you decide which is the appropriate type of teacher for you to choose from.


Let us begin with the Undergraduates. Undergraduates are university students who has not yet taken a first degree. This means that they are more likely to be tutors who belong to the slightly younger age group. Since they are students, they would highly likely be able to easily click with the tutees since they are of the same “generation”. Undergraduates also offer a lower tuition rate as most of them do tuition to supplement their school fees and expenses and do not do tuition full-time as a living. This also means that they tend to be more flexible to match the tutee’s schedule. You can also expect undergraduate tutors to be familiar with the syllabus as they took the same examinations just a few years ago. While some of them may have prior experience in tutoring, most of them would have little to none. However, do not let this affect your decision too much. Tutors with little experience tend to be more careful and put in the extra effort into teaching the tutee so as to build up their confidence in teaching. We source for the tutors who have produced consistent and excellent results throughout their academic years. Our tutors go through rigorous selections and are hand-picked by our agency to represent us.


Next, we take a look at our full-time tutors. Full-time tutors have all sorts of academic qualifications ranging from ‘N’ Levels to PhDs. Here at Achievers Tuition, we believe that quality is more important than qualifications. As such, we do not simply take in tutors who have higher academic qualifications. We also look at the past experiences of these tutors and their testimonies. Full-time tutors are usually familiar with the syllabus as they have ample experience in teaching the past few years and in some cases, be able to spot the questions that are likely to come out in the examinations based on the past-year trends. They would also be more experienced in terms of knowing how to handle students and are likely confident in their teaching. Full-time tutors also tend to have their own styles of teaching, which gives them an edge over MOE certified teachers as the tutee is exposed to different style of thinking. However, with the increasing demand for full-time tutors, expect some tutors to price themselves much higher than undergraduate tutors. With the recent uproar of full-time tutors being able to charge up to millions a year, many full-time tutors are expecting higher rates for themselves as well. Also, they may not be able to cater to flexible scheduling as they have other students as well.


Lastly, we take a look at our MOE teachers. No doubt, they are likely to have similar, if not more, experience than full-time tutors. MOE teachers are also likely to know the syllabus very well as they are currently teaching the same syllabus to a school. Many parents would feel that in this case, MOE teachers are no doubt the ideal tutor to hire. However, many have forgotten the very factor that the tutees go to school and get thought by an MOE teacher. Why would they need another MOE certified teacher? Due to school commitments as well, MOE teachers may not be able to cater a flexible scheduling for the tutee as well. In addition, MOE teachers have to divert their attention to the classes of students that they have in school as well. Yes, they have the greatest knowledge of the syllabus that the tutee is learning in school right now. However, the true question is, for the amount of attention that the MOE teacher can give, is the price to pay worth it?


To sum this article up, Achievers Tutor has come out with an infographic to help you decide what would be the best for the tutee.


According to the infographic, the score recorded is as follows:

  1. Undergraduate: 35 Points
  2. Full-time Tutor: 32 Points
  3. MOE Certified: 29 Points


Please note, however, that this infographic is solely based on statistics and feedbacks given. Actual details vary from tutor to tutor. This infographic only serves as a guide for Tutees/Parents who are unsure of what to choose. Good news it that Tutees/Parents do not need to be afraid to try out any of our Tutors. This is because here at Achievers Tuition, we provide FREE change of tuition teacher if the Tutee/Parent deem that the Tutor is not suitable for the Tutee (rarely the case). Simply fill in your details here and start finding the most suitable tutor now!